Since 1987, when he established Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration, Dan has been providing superior-quality interior and exterior painting for both residential and commercial projects. He has developed a reputation for dependability, personal service and attention to detail that keeps his customers coming back to him again and again. He regularly attends regional and national painting conventions and trade shows in order to stay on the cutting edge of not only the latest equipment, but also preparation and application techniques, and the newest trends and products in the industry.


Satisfied customers provide the best testimony to the level of expertise we possess. See what they have to say about Dan and Dan Brady Painting & Wood Restoration.

"Hi my name is Parker Smith and I'm a professional painting contractor in Mcminnville OR. I wanted to express how much valuable information the Dan Brady "How To Paint a Room Like A Pro" I recently received a call from a local school which was wanting to meet with me in regards to an up coming painting project at the school. I arrived at the school to meet with them and was surprised when the meeting was with me and about 6 high school students. What they were doing was meeting with me to see If I could volunteer my time and expertise of painting to help them with a very large interior painting project. This was a huge class project. At the time I thought the school was crazy to put students in charge of this big of a project. The kids were responsible for finding volunteers, getting the equipment, and doing all of the painting. Once I looked around and realized how large of a job this was the only thing I could think of is that there was no way that I personally could train enough people to perform the volunteer work. What I decided to do was had the kids pick 8 crew leaders. After a couple weeks they had selected the crew leaders. The next step that I gave them was to watch and study the "How To Paint A Room Like A Pro" video and get the needed equipment and supplies needed to prepare and paint a small wall. Because of the video, they learned exactly what they needed to get in terms of supplies. A few weeks later the 8 crew leaders had watched the video and had the supplies ready for me to come and help them through the process of preparing and painting a section of wall that was approximately 15 feet long and 10 feet tall. They had a good grasp on what to do because of the video but gained good experience by actually getting there hands dirty and doing the work required to paint the wall. One week later the 8 crew leaders met with 45 volunteers, then split into crews of 5 to 6 people. Each crew leader was able to instruct the volunteers in how to properly prepare and paint the walls. Long story short, that video from Dan Brady was thorough enough and had so much valuable information that 8 inexperienced high school kids were able to instruct a group of volunteers and complete a very large painting project. As a painting contractor I really appreciate the content and skills taught in the video. Thanks Parker Smith. "  - PARKER SMITH, Mcminnville OR

"Well, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Being taught 30 years ago by a master painter prepared me well for the trade. Unfortunately, being away from the trade for quite some time I was definitely out of touch on all the latest tips and tricks of the trade. Thanks to Dan I feel like I've been brought up to speed overnight. If that wasn't good enough, he called to answer some of my initial questions after watching the video. Thanks Dan, Great Job P.S. Can't wait to see next video!"  - ZACHARY MALPASS, Morrison, TN

"I found the video very interesting and look forward to seeing future ones."  - JOHN HAWKINS, Rawson, Ohio

"As a seasoned do-it-yourself painter, I thought that I knew most of the little tricks that would help make the job look professional. My painting was good, but never quite perfect. Dan Brady's Tricks of the Trade video opened my eyes to several new techniques and products that should bring my painting to the next level. I am anxious to try them out. The video makes it easy to go back and review portions as needed when working on a project. Thank you, Dan!"  - MICHAEL B. NEWMAN, Traverse City, Michigan

"I watched your video and was extremely impressed with not only the information, but the production value of the piece. You did a great job on explaining the process, tools, and the details of interior painting. It is something I will be using for training our apprentices, especially the wall repair sections. "  - SEAN KENNEDY, Kennedy Painting LLC, St. Louis, Missouri

"Excellent painting information Dan-O! Your "Tricks of the Trade" video is chock-a-block FULL of useful information for the first time and veteran painters alike! Keep up the good work--I look forward to more "Tricks of the Trade" videos......"  - DAN SHOUP, Traverse City HandyMan

"Start-up painting business owners who want to develop better house-painting skills and a more fluid understanding of the process for achieving a professional quality paint job will benefit greatly from Dan Brady's new DVD, "Learn How to Paint a Room Like a Pro." I learned a few valuable insights that will save me a lot of time and improve my production process greatly. Although the DVD is geared toward teaching the "DIYer," it will also help the small business owner who specializes in targeting interior residential repaints by helping them: Streamline the process and reduce the time it takes to paint a room; Improve the overall quality of the finished product; and Improve their overall client experience. Less time to produce the job + a better looking finished product = lots of happy, satisfied customers and more money in your bank account! The way I see it, if this DVD helps you reduce your production time by just 30 minutes per job (because it helped you streamline your production process) it is worth a thousand times the $24.95 asking price. We are happy to give Dan Brady and the "Learn How to Paint a Room Like a Pro" DVD our highest recommendation."  - ANDY THOMPSON,,, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Dan Brady is one of the most advanced painters that I know. He stays current with all latest painting technics and equipment. He is constantly trying to improve upon his company and staff, making them one of the best painting contractors in the area. His staff is some of the nicest people that I have ever hired for a project. They come in, do the job and leave like they weren't even there. Except the ceiling looks new again. Like Dan always says, "If you want paint on the walls and not on the floor then call Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration.""  - JEFF STRATTON, J.D. Stratton Electric, Inc.,, Traverse City, Michigan

"Dan Brady and crew are fantastic! Thorough, consistent and friendly. Amazing customer service. What did we do that you especially liked? Communicated well. How could we improve? Walk on water, spin plates."  - BONNIE ALFONSO, Traverse City, Michigan

"Please let Dan know that he and his crew did an excellent job on the coat room. It really shines in there now.... Thanks again, you guys did a great job and I am confident that we will be employing your services again. Sincerely, Al Jarosz The Elks Club #323 231-946-6171 ext. 2 "  - AL JAROSZ, The Elks Club #323, Traverse City

"You are very professional and reliable. The painting is lovely. I liked that Dan worked with me on the "piece-by-piece: plan of his original estimate."  - SUSAN COLLIGAN, Traverse City, Michigan

"You do excellent and careful work at a fair price and try to meet any particular needs of your clients. You called back promptly when I called to get an estimate and answered all questions clearly. I also really appreciated your care of our furnishings, and not only before and during the job, but the care taken after the job in excellent clean-up at our home. I also appreciated Jason's thoroughness and the way he made sure the paint was covering the problem areas, even if he had to do extra work and treatment. He wanted it to be as perfect as humanly possible. He even explained how the different primers and sealers worked and why they worked. An excellent experience."  - EVELYN PETERSEN, Traverse City, Michigan

"Thanks so much for a great job! The house looks wonderful! What would you like future customers to know about us? Very professional, pride in workmanship, communicated with customer, went above and beyond. We especially liked the attention to detail; provided quality, thorough work, left all areas clean and picked up; very likeable crew, worked well together. Keep doing the quality work!"  - RITA AND MIKE SLEEMAN, Traverse City, Michigan

"You are a professional company that does quality work. You fit the job to the customer's needs, i.e., low latex fumes. I was impressed at how fast Jason masked, hung plastic and covered everything! He painted a textured ceiling and didn't get a drop on his face or hair!"  - BARB SHEAKS, Lake Ann, Michigan

"You were there at the time you said you would be. You cleaned up your equipment at the end of the day and did a great job. We especially liked that you explained how the job would go and what to expect at completion. You removed shoes or boots when entering the house. We think you do a great job."  - SUE SELLERS, Traverse City, MI

"You came on time, worked hard, asked questions, were friendly and funny. You explained what you were going to do and made sure our expectations were met."  - RUTH WALKER, Omena, Michigan

"Very, Very professional--You are in good hands with Dan Brady Painting. They went out of their way to help me with a dead battery on my car in the morning!"  - JENNIFER JONES Traverse City, MI

"Dan Brady Painting and Wood Restoration is very professional. I especially liked the detail work around the trim."  - PAUL MAREK, Larkin Insurance Group Traverse City, Michigan

"Dan Brady is thorough and extremely professional. He is up front about costs and quality. The crew repeatedly asked if everything was going okay."  - MARILYN JAQUISH Traverse City, MI

"Well equipped, most product knowledgeable, cleanest, neatest, and most skilled painters we have used in fifty years!"  - G.H. WALDENMEYER, Glen Arbor, MI

"Home improvements seem effortless when working with you and your crew"  - MICHAEL and JO STREET Traverse City, MI

"Workmanship is excellent, Dan and his staff are extremely well mannered, conscious, professional and great to have in your home. You could not have a better company in every aspect."  - GIL NUGENT Traverse City, MI

"We felt very comfortable with the crew in our home. They seemed honest and did their jobs with integrity. They each have a skill and work together brilliantly to create beautiful results. Well done!"  - AMY GOLDEN Traverse City, MI

"Your company's level of professionalism and performance exceeds that of all contractors we have employed. Employee level of competence is very impressive. They are very complimentary of each other. Wonderful team spirit!"  - JOHN and MARY MELVIN Traverse City, MI

"Dan and The Team, On behalf of the guests and staff of the Goddwill Inn, I want to thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm to paint the shelter. You did such a wonderful job getting the word out, recruiting volunteers, and a fantastic paint job! It means so much to us that you care enough to volunteer your time and even provide materials! We also appreciate you getting the word out and raising awareness of homelessness in our community. It is a growing problem, yet goes under the radar. You have helped to create a cheerful environment where we can help people get back on their feet. You make a difference. "  - Elizabeth Post, Goodwill Inn Traverse City, MI

"The investment is worth EVERY penny. The crew was professional and considerate and the job they did is truly top-notch. No detail was skipped nor was anything rushed, resulting in a dramatic change (and a positive one!) to the appearance of our house. Jason, Justin, & Joey went the extra mile to ensure every last detail was taken care of. The three of them were a lot of fun to have around for the week. They worked hard but took the time to entertain my two-year old son (who is still wondering where the "painting guys" are?!). They were friendly and always asked for our opinion on certain aspects before completing them"  - ZACH & SHANNON BEERY, Traverse City, MI

"Besides doing a great job with a well trained, efficient crew, you, the office (Erica) and Michael were always accessible and quickly responded to whatever need. The work ethic, efficient use of time, consistent, great communication, quite so not an intrusion, helpful, good humor and patience, polite, did a great job and were nice to have around"  - MIKE & JOAN JACKSON, Traverse City, MI

"Very Thorough, professional, courteous, great wok. The job was done in a timely manner. Very easy to work with. Very good communication during the project. Wonderful work. Clean up after yourselves every day."  - HOWIE & LORI BECK, Traverse City, MI

"The team was very professional, courteous, efficient and overall did an excellent job. Very knowledgeable & explained all the differences to us on paint types and why they would do something a certain way. Met expectations & went out of their way to accommodate our time frame. Worth every penny! Highly recommended!"  - JESSICA & RYAN SULLIVAN, Traverse City, MI

"Prompt, efficient, attentive to details, extraordinary detail & clean up. While in between work nights, left materials in neat and orderly fashion. My Polish grandmother (who had an acute cleaning neurosis) would have marveled at the fact men could be so meticulous!"  - SHARON NIDA JANIS ROCHFORD, - MAXWELL MEDALS, Traverse City, MI